What We are

Combo is an agency model equal parts strategic consultancy and design studio that combines design thinking and branding.

Why Our Model

Today’s consumer expectations have become increasingly diverse and demanding. This means the most successful organizations and brands must be a unique composition of various components that work together in balance. We believe the role of strategy to identify and harmoniously connect the elements, while design turns the final experience into a sum greater than its parts.

What We Offer

Consumer research | Business and product strategy | Branding | Product design | Retail design | Site design | Content creation

Our best engagements tend to combine these services holistically. But we also offer à la carte offering for select projects.

How We Work

Alongside the team of strategists, designers, and creatives, two partners (strategy + design or creative) are hands-on, in the work of every project from beginning to end. Because there is never a hand-off between strategy and design, our strategies are always considering how they show up in the real world and every touchpoint we design has a consistent strategy baked in.

*Various projects have been in partnership with the research and innovations firm Verdes.