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Most men have been conditioned not to look at themselves, or rather pay little attention to the way that they look. When Koa launched a line of skincare for men, not only did it need to stand out in a press-worthy way, but it also had to convince an unengaged audience to commit to a new routine.


The thoughtful brand focused on caring for the earth, each other and our own skin every day. Pulling from the founders’ Hawaiian roots, Koa was positioned and designed as a reef-safe anti-masculine skin care brand, spotlighting the same values as the progressive consumer they were trying to reach.

StrategyCompetitive Research / White-Space Mapping / Positioning / Brand Strategy
BrandingVisual Strategy / Mood Boarding / Logo / Design System / Visual World / Tone of Voice / Brand Book, Guidelines & Toolkit
Real World ExecutionsContent Creation / Packaging Design / Site Design

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