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Due to pandemic and longer-standing issues, New York City was facing a crisis on many fronts. With the city's confidence and reputation waning, the storyline portrayed largely through the media was that NYC is falling apart, experiencing rapid and lasting deterioration.


Create a non-profit model that brought together New York’s needs with New York’s culture in an effort to amplify civic engagement and organize residents to commit to participating in NYC's civic rebirth. The logo was designed to be both a symbol of bold pride and flexible servitude. The visual system was built to be used by anyone. Engagement being a key priority of every element of the design.

Non-profit Modeling

StrategyCompetitive Research / White-Space Mapping / Positioning / Brand Strategy
Visual Strategy / Mood Boarding / Logo / Design System / Visual World / Tone of Voice / Brand Book, Guidelines & Toolkit / Brand

Real World ExecutionAdvertising / Social Templates / Animation

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NY Forever

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